Impossible Plants




Impossible Plants is a series of photographs about the tropical biospheres in and around Berlin, and the lengths that these immersive greenhouses go to cultivate exotic plants in displays of absurd mimicry and elaborate construction.

Berlin, being situated in Northern Europe, cannot naturally support plants from warmer climates, so building great glass-top domes and running artificial heating all year round is essential to maintain the appropriate environment.

Impossible Plants records the efforts to create and control these alternative worlds in details such as a thinly camouflaged fuse box, a welded A-Frame built for a collapsing palm and a tourist lost in an artificial desert.

Despite the obvious humour, the environments are far from a paradise of pure imagination and this work is a colourful reminder of humankinds constant drive to collect, classify and display what it deems exotic and desirable.


Exhibition coming soon:

Junior Space, Smith St, Melbourne, Australia.

7th - 20th September 2017