The Lunatic


“The real question was not in the moons, but in himself”


1Q84, Haruki Murakami.


The Object

Black & White Hand Print

14 x 18in


The Object (Demonstrated)

Black & White Hand Print 

14 x 18in



The Lunatic (origin – to temporarily have your sanity seized by the moon) is a series of work by Henry Trumble that uses lunar images and processes of astronomical discovery to talk about the way that we construct our concept of reality in the universe.


The exhibition also draws from the narrative of 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami, wherein the protagonists find themselves in a slightly alternate reality in which two moons hang in the sky and become an important placeholder for their own (new) reality. 


The work in the exhibition includes hand made photographic objects, such as images taken in Germany in 2016 of the closest full moon in 60 years, which have been used to make contact prints using the light from a recent full moon in Australia.


The Lunatic continues to depict the broader process of how we allow fantasy to guide facts where the imagination is as necessary as rational thought in understanding the natural world. This is illustrated in The Object and The Object (Demonstrated), where a strange black form is staged in a scientific experiment. How does the unknown (is this a meteorite?) of the content of the image combine with our drive as humankind to classify and label and thereby understand the world around us?


The question of the power of representation to define our state of understanding of the universe is of course an evolving one. For example, the Earthrise image, the first colour photograph of the earth taken by the Apollo 8 crew while orbiting the Moon, undoubtedly changed the nature of the way we view the Earth as an object in space. Such images become part of our changing collective encyclopaedia of understanding, and a reference point to navigate our personal landscape.



Opening: Thursday 29 March, 6 - 8pm

Exhibition: 28 March – 14 Apr 2018

BLINDSIDE, Melbourne, Australia.