I spent three years in Berlin and I really slowed down. At first I took photographs fast and tried to see everything fast until I bought a tiny film camera on the Internet that would cost me every time I pressed the button.

Of course I didn’t just think about the money, I also stopped and looked longer like a sketcher getting to know every shadow, shape and detail of their subject.

I looked at Katharina as she read an Italian menu on our summer holidays and all the details seemed exotic. I looked at a tree by a dark lagoon that beavers had gnawed to nearly nothing, two girls in an abandoned airport field as the autumn cold crept in, and the sea splashing back in languorous strings of white wash.

TURIST is a collection of these photographs; they are the engravings on the back of the hop-on hop-off bus seat, slow souvenirs.


The Two of Them, 2015

C-Type Hand Print

35 x 22 cm


What You Never Thought You'd Find

(The Beaver Tree), 2015

C-Type Hand Print

114 x 76 cm



Pool #2, 2016

C-Type Hand Print

70 x 45 cm


Installation Views


31st May - 18th June, 2017

No Vacancy Gallery / Project Space / Federation SQ, Melbourne, Australia.